Travel Preparations

This past week has been crazy busy. Since my last post we have managed to have a wonderful pot luck at our house to say goodbye to our Hawai’I family who are all such an integral part of our lives on Oahu. We got to go on a wonderful motorcycle ride with a couple who have become like family to us this year. Although it can be tempting when having so much to do to push to get everything done it really is important to take a bit of time to enjoy the company of those around you. Below is a list of things to do in preparation to go but make an effort to balance that with good times with others it will keep your sanity & you will treasure those times when looking back on this time of preparation.


storageWe somehow packed all of our personal belongings away & deep cleaned the house for when the renters arrive. The list of things to take care of before taking a hiatus from our daily lives is long & exhaustive and increases my desire to be more minimalistic so that each time we want to do this we do not have so much to do. You see in this transition we have somehow packed enough for the next 8 months into two backpacks, a pelican case for our imac, two carry-ons for our electronics & 2 personal items & I’m continually going over in my head how I might be able to lesson that as well to make us more mobile in our travels. Below is a suggested list of things you may need to do or take care of at home before heading out on a journey like this. You may have other things that are not listed here so please comment at the bottom with suggestions in case there are things common that we have either forgotten or did not apply for us but could be helpful to others.

  • Store all items you cannot leave at your home while gone.
  • Deep clean(especially important if you have renters coming but also if property will remain vacant it is important so that when you return the place is still in good condition. You’d be surprised the things you will find when doing this).
  • Electric
  • cable or other tv services
  • internet
  • Mobile Cell Phone: Consider what you would like to do with your cell phone. I recommend not cancelling it but instead set up wechat before you go so that your home number can be used through wifi connections on the app. We did not do this in advance because we were so busy with everything and it has now left us in a bit of a pickle trying to figure this out. Also consider trying to get your phone unlocked if it is not already so that you can use a local sim card wherever you may be traveling.
  • life insurance payment & set up if not done already
  • health insurance arranged & paid for while you are gone. Depending on where you are going this can sometimes be a requirement for certain visas & overall is an important step as a just in case when you are traveling.
  • Either decide ahead of time exactly where you will go and the method of travel you will use to get there or make sure your luggage is small enough that it will work on any airline. If you happen to have something that is questionable in size or weight then be sure to check each airline you will travel with as far as maximum limits & fees if over that at all.
  • Decide how you will handle any ongoing bills (loans ect) & do what you need to do to take care of them now.

There’s always a lot to do and it can be overwhelming but take it one step at a time and it’s not the end of the world if you forget something, in this day and age you can manage to do most things from afar if need be. Good luck in preparing to go. Next up will be our packing lists.


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