Our first outing with Omeida was to XingPing historical village. XingPing is a pretty little village on the river just outside of Yangshuo. When the weather is warmer you will often see rafts going up & down the river. At the moment though, it was pretty empty due to the cold weather. We were told that we were very lucky that day because we saw snow flurries and that was the first time in over 10 years that they had seen snow flurries in the area. They had hoped to take us on a hike in the area as well but because of all the rain & cold that the area had been seeing it was rerouted & we took a short walk to see the sights of the river and then explored the town. XingPing has a rich history from the war with many underground places where people hid from the Japanese invasion. Within the town you will notice very old stone walls & buildings and many small shops where people are making things to sell. One such was the sewing shown in the picture below.


We’re excited to go back for some of the hiking when the weather is warmer. When we returned we heard that the train station was due to open there in the following day or so. I’m sure that will open the area up to many more people coming through the quaint village.

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