Crossing the Chinese/Vietnamese Border

GETTING FROM GUILIN TO HANOI For information on how to get from Yangshuo, China to Guilin please see my previous post on Guilin. In this blog I will give you detailed instructions & tips on to taking the trains from Guilin to Hanoi as well as how to get to the Vietnamese Consulate in Nanning, … Continue reading Crossing the Chinese/Vietnamese Border

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

HaLong Bay was on the list of things we wanted to do but didn't know if we'd be able to do on this first trip to Vietnam. We had tried to consult with some tour companies before coming but because we had to be flexible on our dates due to not knowing how quickly we … Continue reading Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Guilin, China – Tips & Resources to getting around

Guilin was not originally on our list of places to go. We ended up there by happen chance that we would say was a “God thing.” We only went because we ended up with pneumonia and spent 9 days in the hospital there (to hear about that please read my previous post). If you are … Continue reading Guilin, China – Tips & Resources to getting around

9 Days in a Chinese Hospital

Since 1 week after arriving in China we have had a cough. Many people around us have had colds so we assumed that it was just a common cold and we would be fine. We tried home remedies, Robert went to the clinic to get some medicine and then on February 19th mine got worse … Continue reading 9 Days in a Chinese Hospital

Chinese New Year

Below are some tips for future travels to China during the Chinese New Year followed by our Chinese New year adventures in Yangshuo. CHINESE NEW YEAR TIPS Whether you're in a big city or small village buy a mask & wear it to save your lungs from all the exhaust & smoke in the are … Continue reading Chinese New Year